18 Best Domain Name System Server for Gaming

Published August 28, 2023

Attention all game developers and professional players! Are you tired of slow internet speeds and frustrating ping times? Look no further than the top DNS Servers for gaming. The domain name system, or DNS, is the key to unlocking lightning-fast internet speeds and seamless gameplay. By converting IP addresses to website names, DNS allows users to enter simple words into their browsers instead of complicated device addresses. Not only does this make browsing easier, but it also helps preserve internet and ping speeds. With settings available for desktop computers, Linux and Windows, as well as Android and iOS operating systems on mobile devices, and even modems and routers, there’s no excuse not to optimize your gaming experience with the top DNS Servers. Don’t settle for slow internet and frustrating gameplay – upgrade to the best DNS Servers for gaming today!

DNS Server matter for gaming. Because to connect to game or app servers and download games and updates, a DNS server is required to link domain names to IP addresses which makes it possible for game consoles. This article introduces the 18 Best DNS Servers for Gaming to you, and you will learn all you need to know about DNS and the way it works. Regardless of which DNS Server will be your choice, buying vps must be your priority to start using your considered gaming DNS server.

Domain Name System

DNS stands for “Domain Name System.” It’s like the internet’s directory service that translates user-friendly website names (like www.example.com) into the actual numeric addresses (IP addresses) that computers use to find each other on the internet. It’s the technology that ensures when you type in a web address, you end up at the right place online.Think of DNS like a global address book for the internet. When you type a website’s name into your browser, DNS works behind the scenes to find the website’s actual “phone number” (which is its IP address). So, instead of remembering complicated numbers, you just remember easy names like “google.com.” DNS helps you quickly connect to the right online destinations without getting lost in the digital wilderness!

Your ISP gives you a dedicated DNS server every time you connect to the Internet, but the DNS servers offered by ISPs may not always be the best choice; fast DNS servers can speed up the loading of websites and access to various data centers in software or online games. One good DNS servers that you may have heard of is (Cloud Flare), Using DNS can sometimes improve the quality of your internet connection.

Important Note: Access fixed and fast ping using any type of DNS! This is definitely wrong because your ping varies with different DNS anywhere in the geography; You need to test different DNSs and know which DNSs are moving to your nearest IP server to experience lower ping and better speeds. If you are a game provider, you can benefit DNS features, if you find Best DNS Servers for Gaming.

Domain Name System for gaming

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How does Domain Name System work?

Have you ever wondered how DNS works? It’s actually pretty cool! DNS stands for Domain Name System and it’s basically like a phone book for the internet. When you type in a website address, like google.com, DNS translates that into an IP address that your computer can understand. It’s like magic!

Every single home needs a street address to be found. Also, each device on the internet has a specific IP address. DNS converts a hostname like OperaVPS.com into an IP Address. During this translation, the user will have no interaction with what is going on behind the scenes except with the initial request. To go through this process, we suggest you review the different hardware components a DNS query must pass between.

When you type a hostname in the URL, it will go through four servers to provide the IP address and load a webpage. So, to get the correct IP address to the client, these four servers must work together. The four DNS servers involved include:

  1. DNS precursor: It is also called a DNS resolver. DNS recursor receives the query from the DNS client. To find the correct IP address, it communicates with other DNS servers. It will appear like a client when it retrieves the request from the client. There are three DNS servers that resolver makes queries to send to them: 1- root nameservers 2- top-level domain (TLD) nameservers 3- authoritative nameservers.
  2. Root nameservers: To answer requests sent to it for records in the root zone, the root nameserver is designated for the internet’s DNS root zone. The root nameservers answer requests by sending back a list of the authoritative nameservers that go with the correct TLD.
  3. TLD nameservers: A TLD nameserver preserves the second-level domain’s IP address inside the TLD name. The IP address of the website is then released, and a request is subsequently sent to the nameserver for the domain.
  4. Authoritative nameservers: The final stop in the nameserver query is the authoritative nameserver. The IP address for the requested hostname will be returned to the DNS Recursor (the librarian) who initiated the initial request if the authoritative name server has access to the requested record. The slave server is an exact replica of the master server, but the master server retains the original copies of the zone records. In the event that the primary DNS server malfunctions, it serves as a backup.

To review Best DNS Servers for Gaming, continue reading on this article.

Main Application of Domain Name System

Among the DNS servers that exist, the following DNS servers in different geographical areas have a positive effect on reducing ping, in order to reduce ping, it is recommended to choose from the following DNS:

  1. Mail server identifications.
  2. Host name-to-address mapping
  3. Keep the ping steady

Positive Impact of DNS on The Gaming Experience

Based on my personal experience; Using DNS can have a positive effect on ping, but not to the extent that it causes your ping to change from 80 to 40! Simply put: connecting to the nearest IP server due to the use of DNS other than ISP DNS; Will reduce the ping by about 1 to 7 ms or keep the ping constant and increase the loading speed of your system.

Domain Name System Records

DNS records are an essential aspect of Internet architecture. Addressing numbers may be linked through DNS records and records, which is similar to how phone numbers are linked together in the phone book.

There are specific and different DNS records, which are said to be more than 30, some of which are used by webmasters.

Does Domain Name System Server affect ping?

The distance between your computer and the server’s location is related to the ping you experience in-game. Online forums claim that changing DNS will reduce game latency and ping. There are reports of how users can change their DNS on their PC, PX, and XBOX to reduce latency or lag for more reliable performance in online video games. In this section, we are going to check if this guarantee is verified or not. But you can say no to this question with the below interpretation.

For example, when you type http://operavps.com into your web browser, the DNS asks what IP http://operavps.com is. So, it means that your PC will store that address and the next time you try to connect, it will not need to ask DNS first. Depending on this claim that is technically correct, DNS is not involved with the speed since video games do not use easy-to-read admin names for all of their servers most of the time. For the other video games, the server address is given as a domain name, your computer will only need to ask for a DNS to translate that once.

The absolute answer to help ping with DNS is No. DNS has no effect on ping. But to review pros of DNS servers and use them to improve your gaming quality, let’s see what are the Best DNS Servers for Gaming.

Effective Domain Name System for ping

Linking directly with your internet speed or not, DNS impacts how quickly an individual page shows up on your machine. Let’s see some of the most effective servers for Ping. When you are in an online game, speed matters. A fast DNS Servers helps you to improve your gaming experience by giving the fastest and most reliable connection to the game.

The best DNS servers for gaming are the ones that give users the fastest, most reliable connection to the game. Stay with us on this part to review the 18 most popular and best DNS servers for gaming in 2022.

1. Cloudflare

The Cloudflare DNS service offers one of the quickest public DNS options. It is available for personal and commercial use. The popularity of this DNS server is that customers receive an extra layer of privacy that does not let IP addresses be recorded. This intelligent DNS service reduces lag and improves speed to optimize the gaming experience. When you are using Cloudflare, it routes you to the most suitable server since it is able to optimize your connection based on your location of IP address. If you care about against malicious software or phishing websites, you must be aware that Cloudflare has no safeguards against them and also you can’t find any option to disable advertisements.

PDS 1:

ADS 1:

PDS 2:

ADS 2:

Cloudfare Domain Name System

2- GreenTeam

GreenTeam is another best DNS server for gaming that guarantees a fast-speed connection. Using GreenTeam helps your devices be protected from malware, botnets, and adult content. The free version of GreenTeam provides security and a fast connection but to have control over your DNS server, you need to upgrade to the premium version.



3- FreeDNS

FreeDNS is one of the best Domain Name System servers for online gaming that is based in Austria. It provides an easy setup with no log DS queries. So, you can make sure that your data and information are protected. FreeDNS offers no lag and buffering during your online playing. Also, it is one of the fast DNS servers and a high-speed connection is guaranteed to be offered by the top DNS server As a con, we can point out that FreeDNS is country-based and not worldwide. Using the secure FreeDNS allows you to access content without logging in. To sign up for free or purchase a premium plan refer to the website of FreeDNS.

4. Google Domain Name System Server

Speed, privacy, and security lovers are the big fan of Google Public DNS. It is really fast and reliable. Since it supports for the latest IPv6, it is suitable for gaming and accessing all modern websites. As you read in IPv4 & IPv6 comparison article, new websites require IPv6 support since it is better and newer than IPv4. This free DNS server is a good one for game players and video streamers all over the world.

If you play online with someone else in another country, Google Public DNS is a good choice for you since it allows you to specify which country’ DNS server you wish to use and it solves latency issues. Other brilliant features of Google Public DNS are fast resolution time, excellent security against phishing attacks, fast page loading time, and free to use. But if you are eager to know about its cons, limited customer support, a complex UI and privacy concerns are the disadvantage of Google Public DNS.



Google DNS FOR gaming

5. DYN

Like the other options mentioned, DYN offers its users the same experience of fixed ping access and a fast and secure data center. It also protects your information against most phishing and hacker attacks. DYN includes common domain type correction.




6- OpenDNS

OpenDNS (also known as Cisco Umbrella) is a free and well-known DNS server that was launched in 2005 for a smooth gaming experience. Users choose it for private uses because of its features like protecting against phishing and content filtering. As a first DNSCrypt developer, OpenDNS works with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It supports the DNSCrypt protocol and supports DOH to provide fast and safe internet service. As a customer, you will receive two free solutions. OpenDNS Family Shield and OpenDNS Home. OpenDNS is also popular for parents since it provides filtering options and parental control and blocks adult content.

Note: OpenDNS enterprise security products have been rebranded to Cisco Umbrella.



Open dns

7- Quad9

This DNS Server is known as a free DNS service that prevents access to harmful websites. It is said that Quad9 does this claim by compiling data from “many public and private sources”. Using a filtering system blocks all malware of all nature from getting on the network tunnel and entering your device. Users choose Quad9 because it also blocks access to phishing sites that try to steal their personal information and passwords. To have the best DNS Server for gaming, security, privacy, and content filtering, Quad9 is a smart choice.




8- OpenNIC

OpenNIC is ready to give users unlimited access to the internet. To have unrestricted access to the internet with no information filtering free of charge, this reliable DNS service is a good choice. If you play high-quality graphic games, OpenNIC guarantees a flawless experience. It lacks safeguards that shield users from harmful web content. It’s crucial to set up an anti-virus program or browser extension if you want to avoid being monitored or infected with malware. OpenNIC is one of the fastest DNS for gaming that is able to protect your machine from attackers and even from the government. You will be able to search for anything and everything on the internet since OpenNIC DNS is having DNS neutrality.




9- Comodo Secure DNS

A fast DNS allows you to have a faster gaming experience. Comodo Secure DNS service is reliable and fast. It is a top-tier DNS server because it provides speedy responses to requests, which makes it perfect for online gaming. The DNS service has a strong initial line of protection. Excellent security, openness, and control from any device, anywhere, all for free; great for homes and businesses. With Comodo Secure DNS, you can defend your family and yourself against risky and fraudulent websites for nothing. Additionally, it offers offline and online content protection policy enforcement. This service is excellent for both personal and business use. This free DNS service allows for quick enterprise implementation.

Comodo Secure DNS is recommended for online users to experience a lag-free and smooth internet connection. While it is one of the fastest and most reliable DNS servers, you can use it to protect your device from malware attacks. If you are concerned to find a location nearby, choose Comodo because it offers servers in multiple locations.




10- Clean Browsing

Clean Browsing is a smaller service than Quad9 and Cloudflare which means that is able to take a more nuanced approach. It disables trackers and advertisements so that users can browse the internet privately. By using this DNS server, users may also guard against dangerous websites infecting their devices or browsers with viruses or malware. It supports DNSCrypt, DNSOverTor, and DNSOverTor. Free filters, fast connection, powerful encryption, and custom content filtering are the benefits of using This DNS. You can use them with predefined allow or deny lists. But if you prefer to customize content filtering, you need to purchase premium plans. However, it is worth it if you wish to not be tracked but still want a pleasant experience. The disadvantage of Clean Browsing is that this server does not cover great customer service.

11- Alternate DNS

You will find Alternate DNS as an ideal choice for gaming because this DNS server is fast, reliable, and cheap. This is one of the Best DNS Servers for Gaming. It prevents viruses from infecting the user’s machine, eliminates ads, and enables a lightning-fast, secure internet connection. By using the service, you can browse the web without being interrupted by adverts. The provider of the service has an extensive blacklist of dubious or fraudulent websites. Using Alternate DNS helps you to not encounter issues connecting to other players across the globe since it supports IPv6 addresses. Also, you are recommended to use this DNS if you are planning to travel abroad or need more flexibility in playing online games.



12- SafeDNS

SafeDNS is known as a reliable option for users who like to protect their Laptop/PC from attacks. It can filter and secure the web for homes, schools, and businesses. But SafeDNS does not protect the privacy of users and records sensitive information such as IP addresses. While you are using the free DNS plan, malware would not be able to infiltrate your system but if you need to have ad and tracking blocking, you must upgrade to a paid subscription.

PDS: 195.46. 39.39

ADS: 195.46. 39.40

13- Level3

Level3 is one of the best DNS servers for gaming that provides a fast internet connection with no lags. It is the best DNS server after Google and Cloudflare and OpenDNS. To start using this DNS, you need to have excellent hardware to enjoy its high-quality function. Level3 is a free DNS that maintains your privacy by protecting your data.



14- UncensoredDNS

It is ideal to access the unfiltered web in Western Hemisphere countries freely. Using Uncensored DNS allows you to send and store your data quickly and safely. Since DNS providers do not track or keep any information, your data will be safe. It also offers a variety of security measures, such as malware protection and ad filtering. The UncensoredDNS service is speedy and gives all of your DNS requests the utmost privacy.


DNS.WATCH is a free DNS server that provides an uncensored, fast, and stable web browsing experience. However, it also offers a number of security features, such as malware protection and ad filtering. Your DNS requests will be handled quickly and with the utmost secrecy using the UncensoredDNS service. Using DSN.WATCH also gives you a lag-free gaming experience with no intrusions and interruptions on your online connection. DSN.WATCH never sells your data to third parties. It is available on multiple devices. PS4 and PS5 console players and also PC, MAC, and Linux devices can choose this DNS and enjoy its features.



16- Verisign

Verisign is an ideal DNS server for gamers since it offers high levels of uptime and reliability. It is lag-free, stable, secure, and reliable. But the most important point of this DNS server is about its fast response time that causes high traffic load handling. Verisign offers domains, security services, and protection against security threats. Users on their computers and players on their consoles can benefit from its features like malware scanning, online backup, and other security measures. But consider that the Verisign site can be challenging to navigate because of spyware and cybercrime protection, and poor customer support.



17- Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe is also an ideal DNS for gaming. Using this DNS server reduces lag and latency to provide high speed and responsiveness You can enjoy playing the game along with being safe since it also protects your device against malware, phishing scams, and other threats. As one of the best DNS servers for a safe connection to the internet, also offers real-time protection, background working, no slowdowns, and blocking unwanted content. However, you need to consider that Norton ConnectSafe can’t be a replacement for antivirus.

18- Neustar

Neustar is known for its high security and can keep your ping steady, but in the geo-tested environment compared to Cloudflare, it keeps your ping steady and reduces it from 5 to 10 ms; It can be a good option to use to reduce ping.



What is DNSSEC and How is Different from DNS?

DNSsec is a security mechanism to prevent DNS Spoofing as well as DNS poisoning; In fact, DNSSec gives this assurance to the DNS Server to provide the client with the answer received from another DNS server, ensuring its accuracy as well as ensuring that the answer does not change during the transfer and the client to the correct destination. Connect the main.

With the help of DNSSec, two features of Identity and Integrity can be established between the primary DNS server and our local DNS server that responds to clients.

How to Choose the Fastest Domain Name System Server?

The world of tech and also gaming is highly related to the network of DNS servers. DNS servers enable domain names to mask the IP addresses and connecting game consoles to game servers will become easier. Game streaming is not an exception in needing a DNS server. One frequently asked question is, “What are the fastest DNS servers 2022?”Depending on your geographical location and internet service provider, the fastest DNS Server will be different. Since most DNS servers do not offer a lot of features, speed and accurate results are important in choosing a DNS server. The quality of an online game is depending on upload and download speed since they are related to your game’s performance directly. So, DNS servers can impact your gaming experience.

There are some DNS speed tools that help you find the Fastest DNS. You can use NameBench and the GRC DNS Benchmark to find your connection’s best DNS settings. Using these speed tools allows you the most accurate answer regarding DNS speed by doing tests.

What is the Best DNS Server for Gaming?

When you are here, you have read about Best DNS Servers for Gaming and got familiar with 18 of them. To elevate your chance of gaming experience, also get familiar with the best DNS servers for gaming. An ideal DNS Server for gaming impacts the time your game takes to establish a connection with the server or download the patches, updates, and other content. Providing a suitable DNS Server for gaming helps you in loading pages faster, protecting you from phishing, and reducing ping, packet loss, and jitter. Here, you can find the best DNS Servers for gaming.18 different DNS servers were introduced and nominated as the best. In this part, we wish to announce the top 3 winners of the DNS servers list.

  1. Cloudflare: Without a doubt, the #01 DNS Server is Cloudflare. It is a big claim but reasonable and popular. It is also faster and more reliable than Google Public DNS and VeriSign DNS according to DNSPerf. The best uptime for DNS service is Cloudflare; It is reliable and can keep your ping in a stable state, and you will not experience a sudden change of ping. Optional WARP program that provides a secure connection to the standard network tunnel to increase security. One of the positive features of this DNS is that its average search speed is 11 ms, which is one of the best in the world.
  2. Quad9: When you are using Quad9, you do not need to worry about visiting websites known for spreading malware or viruses. It uses a filtering system to block malicious websites from infecting the device. To have the best DNS for security, privacy, and content filtering, choose Quad9.
  3. Google Public DNS: Given that Google has data centers around the world, it automatically becomes the best domain name system. Even if there is a problem with the nearest data center, it redirects the user to the nearest data center! It is important to know that there is a high risk of leaks for any type of free DNS server, which Google DNS is fully aware of and provides more security.

How to Change the DNS in the System?

One of the DNS servers of the recent Best DNS Servers for Gaming might be your choice. So, to change the DNS in your system, follow the path below.

  1. Run the settings.
  2. Now Click on the Network & Internet option.
  3. Next, you will click on the Advanced Network Settings option.
  4. You will click on the More Network Adapter Options in the next section
  5. Now a folder called Network Connections will appear, among which you should find the main Internet network service right-click on it, and then click on Options.
  6. Here you need to Double-Click on Internet Protocol version 4 (IPV4) and select the section named: Use the following DNS server Addresses.
  7. Now Place the PSD and ADS you’ve selected above side, finally, click on OK and your DNS is ready!


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