Netherlands Dedicated Server

Netherlands Dedicated Server







Per Month

    Intel E3 1270 V6 (4×3.8 Ghz)

    2 x 500GB SSD STORAGE

    32 GB  RAM

    1 Gbps UPLINK







Per Month

    Xeon E-2146G (6 x 3.5 GHz)


    32 GB  RAM

    1 Gbps UPLINK







Per Month

    2x Intel E5 2695 V2 (24 x 2.4 GHz)

    2 x 500GB SSD STORAGE

    128 GB  RAM

    1 Gbps UPLINK


Plan #1


Per Month

    Dual Xeon® E5-2670

    8 Core @2.60Ghz       Speed

    32 GB (DDR4) RAM

    1 TB HDD Storage

    15 TB Bandwidth

Plan #2


Per Month

    Xeon® E5-2630L v3

    16C/32T @2.40Ghz CPU Speed

    64 GB (DDR4) RAM

    1.6 TB SSD Storage

    10 TB Bandwidth

Plan #3


Per Month

    Xeon® E5-2670

    16C/32T @3.60Ghz CPU Speed

    96 GB (DDR4) RAM

    480GB SSD, 2 TB HDD Storage

    15 TB Bandwidth

Plan #4


Per Month

    Xeon® E5-2630L v3

    16C/32T @2.60Ghz CPU Speed

    256 GB (DDR4) RAM

    4x 960GB SSD Storage

    20 TB Bandwidth

Plan #5


Per Month

     Xeon® E5-2683 v4

    32C/64T @2.10Ghz       Speed

    512 GB (DDR4) RAM

    4x 1.92TB  SDD Storage

    25 TB Bandwidth


    Pure SSD Disk Space

    100% Clean IP Address

    Optimized Forex RDP

    Easy Payment Options

    0-1ms Low Latency

    Full Admin Access


What is Netherlands

Dedicated RDP?

If you are looking for RDP with low latency, 100% private server, full admin access for your forex trading, Forex RDP enhanced performance, security, and ease-of-use with all EA, Broker, Platform Allowed on Server.

Our Guarantee of Quality

AmazingRDP was formed with a motive to give Remote Desktop Servers (RDP) to people at very less and effective cost. We always focus on one slogan, “why you worry”. Well, this slogan may look like different from RDP Selling site, but it’s actually for our clients who buy RDP from us and gets very excellent support from us every time on every server they buy. Some of you also think that what’s the reason for giving such low prices for their plans, are they fraud or something? Well, that’s nice doubt, but these prices are only possible by thinking of fewer profits by us !!

Advanced Hardware

We integrate the most advanced hardware type and generations to offer seamless results to all our clients. All our software and hardware are superior, and we source all our servers from the reputed and approved seller.

Same IP Renewal

All our Residential RDP has auto-renewal feature in which you can use the same IP address for as long as you want without any issue, this way your PayPal and other business work are more secure and other organization treat it as a legit account. Just pay your due on time to avoid any kind of suspension.

Easy Payment Mode

Now buy Residential RDP with all your favorite payment mode bitcoin, PayPal, Perfect Money, Skill, WebMoney, Payeer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Vouchers, Payoneer, Alt Coins and more.

Amazingrdp Guarantees

Pre-Installed Software’s In RDP Server & 24 Hours Money-back Guarantee

Money Back

Live Support

0-1 ms

Low Latency

What They Say


Josef (TrustPilot)

I’ve been with AmazingRDP for about a year now, using their GPU Dedicated RDP with nvidia gtx 1080 8gb card for my android emulator work, work effectively with no lag. Their invoicing team is also great, sending extremely polite reminders on the few occasions that I’ve forgotten to pay the invoice in the first week.

Rakesh Kumar (TrustPilot)

I have just tested the Beast Dedicated Rdp recently, I am satisfied so far, fast technical support which I did not see from my former Suppliers. I hope it will continue like this in the days and months to come. Moreover, they give me additional discount on my recurring bills.

Олег Духовный(TrustPilot)

Bought the Cheap RDP plan from AmazingRDP, really didn’t like it because of shared Concept, So they offered me Europe Dedicated Server at very good discount just to keep me as a client, Currently use it from last 6 month at same discount pricing with no lag and quick team support.

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