We offer perfect admin rdp with multiple locations, low latency, windows o/s with nvme ssd, get stable connection rdp with 99% uptime.


For Full Root Admin RDP with Free Control Panel, Affordable price range, windows O/S also available with multiple locations.

Admin RDP #1

Enjoy Full Admin Access


Per Month

    1 vCPU

    1 GB DDR4 RAM

     1 Gbps Internet Speed RAM

    15 GB Storage

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Windows Server 2012 (64-Bit)

    Full Admin Access

    Instant Delivery

     24/7/365 Support RAM

    99.9% Service Uptime

    Free RDP Management Panel

    Location: Finland

Admin RDP #2

Enjoy Full Admin Access


Per Month

    1 vCPU

    1 GB DDR4 RAM

     1 Gbps Internet Speed RAM

    20 GB Storage

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Windows Server 2012 (64-Bit)

    Full Admin Access

    Instant Delivery

     24/7/365 Support RAM

    99.9% Service Uptime

    Free RDP Management Panel

    Location: Finland

Plan #1


Per Month

    Dual Xeon® E5-2670

    8 Core @2.60Ghz       Speed

    32 GB (DDR4) RAM

    1 TB HDD Storage

    15 TB Bandwidth

Plan #2


Per Month

    Xeon® E5-2630L v3

    16C/32T @2.40Ghz CPU Speed

    64 GB (DDR4) RAM

    1.6 TB SSD Storage

    10 TB Bandwidth

Plan #3


Per Month

    Xeon® E5-2670

    16C/32T @3.60Ghz CPU Speed

    96 GB (DDR4) RAM

    480GB SSD, 2 TB HDD Storage

    15 TB Bandwidth

Plan #4


Per Month

    Xeon® E5-2630L v3

    16C/32T @2.60Ghz CPU Speed

    256 GB (DDR4) RAM

    4x 960GB SSD Storage

    20 TB Bandwidth

Plan #5


Per Month

     Xeon® E5-2683 v4

    32C/64T @2.10Ghz       Speed

    512 GB (DDR4) RAM

    4x 1.92TB  SDD Storage

    25 TB Bandwidth

AmazingRDP Features & Technical Specifications

    Pure SSD Disk Space

     Dedicated IP Address

    Optimized Admin RDP

    Easy Payment Options

    0-1ms Low Latency

    Full Admin Access


What is Admin RDP?

If you are looking for RDP with Full admin access, windows O/S with ultra speed internet then this plan is suitable for you as it give you full admin rdp vps with cheapest cost possible, it’s good for lite weight task and software for heavy application.

Our Guarantee of Quality

AmazingRDP was formed with a motive to give Remote Desktop Servers (RDP) to people at very less and effective cost. We always focus on one slogan, “why you worry”. Well, this slogan may look like different from RDP Selling site, but it’s actually for our clients who buy RDP from us and gets very excellent support from us every time on every server they buy. Some of you also think that what’s the reason for giving such low prices for their plans, are they fraud or something? Well, that’s nice doubt, but these prices are only possible by thinking of fewer profits by us !!

Admin RDP

Remote admin or remote administration is a way to monitor and manage a computer from a remote location without physically being in front of it. Remote administration can work on any computer having a Local Area Network, Internet connection or IP. You need to install or enable server software in order to be viewed or accessed by a non-malicious remote administrator.

Same IP Renewal

All our Admin RDP has auto-renewal feature in which you can use the same IP address for as long as you want without any issue, this way your PayPal and other business work are more secure and other organization treat it as a legit account. Just pay your due on time to avoid any kind of suspension.

Easy Payment Mode

Now buy Admin RDP with all your favorite payment mode bitcoin, PayPal, Perfect Money, Skill, WebMoney, Payeer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Vouchers, Payoneer, Alt Coins and more.

Amazingrdp Guarantees

Pre-Installed Software’s In RDP Server & 24 Hours Money-back Guarantee

Money Back

Live Support

0-1 ms

Low Latency

What They Say


Josef (TrustPilot)

I have been using the Admin RDP plan of Amazingrdp for the last 2 years. They provide admin rdp at a very affordable price. This plan comes with full admin access which gave me full control over the system so that I could install my own application on my own. I’ve referred my many friends, they are also very satisfied with the service. Thankyou Amazingrdp.

Rakesh Kumar (TrustPilot)

I have just tested the Cheap Admin RDP Plan of Amazingrdp recently. I am satisfied so far with the service, with their fast technical support which I did not see from my former RDP Providers. You will have full admin access to manage the server, where you can reboot, restart, and change your password on your own. As a result, you will be able to cover the security of the server by yourself.

Олег Духовный(TrustPilot)

Bought the Cheap Admin RDP plan from AmazingRDP, but really didn’t like it because of the shared Concept, So they offered me Full Admin RDP Plan at a very good discount just to keep me as a client. In this Admin RDP Plan, your server will have dedicated IP and dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage with full admin access. Currently using it for the last 6 months at the same discount pricing with no lag and quick team support.

Remote Desktop Protocol (FAQs)

What is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

The remote desktop protocol is an approach to accessing windows from a remote area without really accessing your device from its actual location. Moreover, the users using the remote desktop protocol can utilize their windows platform anytime and any place they want. The remote desktop protocol is a product from Microsoft Corporation. 

How to Connect RDP Through Desktop?

Here are the steps to connect RDP Through Desktop:

1. Window key +R, enter the command “mstsc”, and click on the OK button.
2. Enter the RDP IP Address, and click on connect.
3. Click on “Use another account”.
4. Type “username” & “password”, and click on OK Button.
5. You can checkmark” Remember my credentials”(optional) and click on the Ok button.
6. Checkmark on ” Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer”, and click on the “Yes” button.
7. Now you are connected.

Or You Can Read Our Blog “Here How To Connect RDP Through Desktop“.

What's your setup time for the servers, once the payment is confirmed?

Usually the RDP details are delivered within 15-30 mins of payment. However, in some cases, it may take 12-24 hours. 

Do you provide a Trial/Demo On Your Plans?
Yes, we provide trial/demo on our shared plan and on private plans only. No trial/demo is available on any Dedicated Plan and Residential Plan. 
Which Payment Gateways are Available? Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

We Accept Payment via Bitcoin, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Payoneer, PayTM(Indian Users), Instamojo(Indian Users), and Bank Transfer(Indian Users). Yes, we have 24 hours money-back Guarantee. Kindly read our Refund Policy Carefully before placing an order.

Note: No refund is applicable on any Dedicated and Residential plans due to the nature of service.

For what purpose is RDP used?

1. Nowadays RDP is widely used around the world for bloggers, Encoders, Uploaders, Torrenters, YouTubers, and many more categories.

2. It is used for Uploading/Downloading software, Movies, Torrents Etc. also used for Encoding Videos for Fast Encoding.

3. If you’re a Website Developer, Website Designer, Freelancer, or Digital Marketer, then you need an RDP to get rid of Load Shedding/Power Loss and never lose your online work again and work in Powerful Systems.