Optimal Antivirus Solutions for Windows 11 Protection

Published January 27, 2024

Optimal Antivirus Solutions for Windows 11 Protection.


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In the internet era, ensuring your PC’s security and safeguarding your data from potential threats is crucial. While Windows 11’s built-in security and cautious web browsing offer some peace of mind, additional protection is sometimes necessary. Luckily, numerous antivirus providers offer excellent solutions.

If you’re in need of an antivirus program for your laptop or PC, we’ve compiled a list of top-notch options. We’ve assessed their reliability using data from AV-Comparatives and conducted our own testing for an overall user-friendly experience. Rest assured, these solutions guarantee robust protection for your computer.


F-Secure stands out as a top-rated antivirus program, delivering stellar protection against real-world threats. While recent test results indicate occasional false positives, it consistently combats serious threats, ensuring secure browsing. Our independent tests confirmed its reliable detection of malicious files.

What sets F-Secure apart is its straightforward approach without aggressive upselling, earning praise for a user-friendly experience. Notably, during the free trial sign-up, it refrains from immediately requesting payment information. Instead, it opts for manual renewal, ensuring charges only occur when users actively choose to subscribe.

For comprehensive threat protection, the $50-per-year F-Secure Internet Security plan offers antivirus and browsing protection via a browser extension compatible with most browsers, along with ransomware protection. The Total plan goes further, incorporating an unlimited VPN and additional identity protection features.

In summary, F-Secure not only excels in thwarting threats but also provides a hassle-free experience, making it a reliable choice for users seeking effective and user-friendly antivirus solutions.


Bitdefender, a stalwart in the antivirus arena, consistently ranks among the best choices for safeguarding your PC. In the latter half of 2023, it garnered nearly perfect scores in comprehensive testing, and our independent assessments affirmed its ability to block virtually every tested threat. While web-based phishing protection requires a browser extension, this is a common feature among many antivirus options.

Noteworthy is Bitdefender’s straightforward interface, devoid of intrusive upsells. The user-friendly UI avoids complexity, focusing on providing quick access to essential features without confusion.

Bitdefender offers various tiers to cater to diverse needs. The Internet Security package, priced at $59.99 without discounts, offers ample protection against malware, phishing, and ransomware. Upgrading to Total Security provides access to a device optimizer, while the Premium Security plan includes an unlimited VPN for those seeking additional features. Opting for higher tiers enhances an already robust solution. For budget-conscious users, there’s also a basic free version available.

In essence, Bitdefender stands out as a reliable and user-friendly antivirus solution, consistently delivering top-notch protection against a wide array of threats. Whether opting for the free version or investing in premium plans, Bitdefender offers a security solution tailored to individual preferences and needs.


You may not have heard of G-Data, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best options around. Developed in Germany, G-Data frequently gets awards for its great performance, and the latest results from AV-Comparatives give it an impeccable record in terms of detecting malware, along with a fairly low rate of false positives. Our own testing also showed great results, blocking almost all the test files we threw at it.

G-Data also excels with its straightforward UI that presents all the information you want in a clear and concise way. It’s easy to find and manage your security settings, and all the main sections are immediately visible on the primary screen without any convoluted menus.

The base plan, G-Data Antivirus, costs just under 30 euros for one year and one device, making it one of the cheapest options around. You can opt for more expensive plans, of course. As with the options above, G-Data Antivirus doesn’t try to weasel you into a subscription through the free trial — you have to opt into paying after the trial is over. It may seem like a small deal, but it’s good to see companies that aren’t trying to sneakily charge you a fee.


Kaspersky, a prominent name in the antivirus industry, has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness over the years. Recent test results highlight its near-flawless record in detecting potential threats, coupled with an impressive lack of false positives. Our own tests affirmed its robust performance, although a Firefox extension showed a minor lapse in blocking a phishing test page.

Navigating the user interface of Kaspersky proves effective, despite its somewhat busy appearance. Crucially, all essential elements are easily accessible, allowing users to activate additional security features effortlessly. The Standard plan encompasses a comprehensive range of features, from ransomware protection to a firewall and online payment security.

Similar to other solutions, Kaspersky extends additional features with higher-priced plans. Opting for a more expensive plan unlocks extras such as a data leak checker and an unlimited VPN. In summary, Kaspersky not only excels in threat detection but also offers a user-friendly experience, providing a robust suite of security features in its Standard plan, with the option to enhance protection with more advanced features through higher-tier plans.


Most of the solutions on this list are paid subscriber, and they don’t really have a free option outside the free initial trial. MalwareBytes, however, is available in a completely free version, in addition to the premium model. MalwareBytes has an excellent detection engine that’s available in both the free and premium versions, and the only big downside of the free version is that it doesn’t offer real-time protection. Yes, that means you won’t be protected from downloading dangerous files, but if you just want to find and eliminate viruses already on your PC, you can’t do much better than MalwareBytes. And, of course, you can always pay for the Premium plan.

MalwareBytes also has the simplest UI of all the solutions we cover here. From the home menu, you can see everything that matters: start a scan, see the detection history, and manage real-time protection if you have the premium plan. There really isn’t a lot more to do here, and that works in MalwareBytes’s favor, since it makes it so easy to manage.

If you opt to pay for premium, plans start at $44 per year, so it’s fairly competitive price-wise.


AVG, a familiar name in antivirus, holds its own as a top choice for virus protection according to AV-Comparatives. Our testing also yielded positive results, placing AVG alongside its counterpart, Avast, given their near-identical performance nowadays. While both options offer solid protection, AVG exhibited a slight setback in blocking a data logger app, unlike some competitors that preemptively prevented its execution.

In terms of user experience, the subtle distinctions between AVG and Avast lean in favor of the former. Avast has a tendency to inundate users with messages promoting premium features, causing annoyance. In contrast, AVG maintains a quieter and less intrusive approach, making it our preferred choice between the two.

Starting at approximately $47, AVG’s pricing doesn’t include a free version, but a trial period is available for a few months at no cost. It’s worth noting that AVG enforces auto-renewal during account creation, requiring users to remember to cancel their plan if they change their minds. In essence, AVG stands out as a reliable antivirus option, balancing effective protection with a user-friendly experience and reasonable pricing.

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