Install cPanel on CentOS for Streamlined Server Management

Published February 17, 2024

Install cPanel on CentOS for Streamlined Server Management.

Cpanel on CentOs


cPanel is a user-friendly web hosting control panel that simplifies the complexities of server management. It offers an intuitive interface, empowering users to effortlessly oversee various aspects of their hosting environment. With cPanel, tasks like website creation, email configuration, and database management become straightforward, even for those with limited technical expertise. The platform provides a centralized hub for administering domains, files, and security settings. Its rich feature set includes tools for backups, analytics, and software installations, enhancing efficiency for website owners and administrators. cPanel’s visual appeal, coupled with its functionality, makes it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to manage and optimize their web hosting experience.

Steps to Install cPanel on CentOs

Step 1: At the very first you must be logged in via SSH as root user.

Step 2: Next step is Update CentOS.

To prepare for cPanel installation, execute the server update command. The updating process will require a few minutes, dependent on your network speed and available resources.

yum update

Step 3: Disable Network Manger (You must manually address any changes in the settings of the system’s network).

Network Manager service is used to connect computers; cPanel asks to remove this service or disable it when installing cPanel. follow the steps.

systemctl disable NetworkManager

service NetworkManager stop chkconfig NetworkManager off

Step 4: Now, the next step is you need to Reboot System, once you are done with it follow the procedure.

Step 5: You need to Install Cpanel with Trial License.

Incorporate this code to install WHM/cPanel. The installation process, contingent on your network speed and resources, will demand a few minutes, so exercise patience as you run the following command for installation.

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

Congratulations! You’ve completed the installation of cPanel WHM, successfully creating the free trial license.

cpanel on CentOs

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