How to Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration in Windows Server 2019

Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) sets security settings that define how

users browse the Internet and intranet websites. These settings also reduce the vulnerability of

servers to websites that could pose a security risk. This process is also known as IE hardening. For

more information, see Internet Explorer: Enhanced Security Configuration.

Let’s Go –

    • Open Run Prompt (Win + R).
    • Type “ServerManager” into Run & click/tap on OK.
    • It will open the Server Manager Console.
    • Now Click on “Local Server”.
    • Now Click on “IE Enhanced Security Configuration”.
    • Now Select Your Desired Method.
    • Now Click On Apply & Ok.
    • That’s It.

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How to Fix VLC Media Player Could Not Start

Fix VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is a portable, free media player software for various audio, video codecs, and

file formats as well as DVDs, video CDs and supports various streaming protocols and interfaces for

TV cards.

Steps to Fix VLC Media Player –

    • Right-Click On VLC Player.
    • Go to “Properties”.
    • Remove Everything After EXE.
    • Now Click on Apply & Ok.
    • Now Your Problem Is Solved.

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How to fix common connection issues in FileZilla

issues in FileZilla

FileZilla is a free software, cross-platform FTP application, consisting of FileZilla Client and

FileZilla Server. Client binaries are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, server binaries are

available for Windows only.

Steps to Fix Connection Issues in Filezilla–

    • Open Run Prompt (Win + R).
    • Type “wf.msc” into Run & click/tap on OK.
    • It will open the “windows defender firewall with advanced security” Console.
    • Click On “Inbound Rules”.
    • Now Click on the “New Rule” Button.
    • Noe Select Port Option & Press Enter.
    • Now Give Some Specific Port. Like (21, 50000-55000) & Press Enter.
    • Now Select “Allow The Connection” & Press Enter.
    • Now Give Permissions & Press Enter.
    • Now Give the Desired Name of this Rule & Press Enter
    • That’s It.

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How to get Remote Audio Microphone working with Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services

Microphone Working on windows

The Windows – Server operating systems are a series of server operating systems, enterprise-class

from Microsoft. They are designed to allow multiple users to share services and provide full

administrative control over data stores, applications, and corporate networks.


Let’s Go –

    • Open Run Prompt (Win + R).
    • Type “gpedit.msc” into Run & click/tap on OK.
    • It will open the Local Group Policy Console.
    • Now Click on “Administrative Templates”.
    • Now Click on “Windows Components”.
    • Now Search for ” Remote Desktop Services”.
    • Now Click On “Remote Desktop Session Host”.
    • Now Click On “Device & Resource Redirection”.
    • Now Select “Allow Audio & Video Playback Redirection”.
    • With Right-Click go to Edit.
    • Click ON enabled.
    • Now Click On Apply & Ok.
    • Now Select “Allow Audio Recording Redirection”.
    • With Right-Click go to Edit.
    • Click ON enabled.
    • Now Click On Apply & Ok.

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How To Configure Filezilla on any Windows OS

FileZilla is a free software, cross-platform FTP application, consisting of FileZilla Client and

FileZilla Server. Client binaries are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, server binaries are

available for Windows only. In this tutorial you will learn how to configure FileZilla in any windows OS.


    • Open Your Suitable Browser
    • Download Filezilla Server & Client Both software Latest Version. It’s free software.

Installation Process

    • Now Install Both Software on Your Desired RDP 
    • I will recommend you to go through the Default Installation Process

Steps to Configure Filezilla on any Windows:

    • ★ Open FileZilla Server Interface (start menu or desktop icon), then click ‘OK’ on the ‘Connect to Server’ dialog.’
    • ★ Go to Edit -> Users.
    • ★ Click Add, type in a username, then click ‘OK’.
    • ★ Click the ‘password’ checkbox and enter the password.
    • ★ Click ‘Shared folders’, then click ‘Add’ and choose a folder.
    • ★ Check (enable) all permissions under ‘Files’ and ‘Directories’.
    • ★ Click ‘OK’ towards the bottom.

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What is Email Spam And Methods to Prevent Email Spamming?

What is Email Spam?

Email spam, also known as junk email, is unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email (spamming).

It is not only annoying but also dangerous to users. So, what is email spam? It is nothing but junk email or unsolicited bulk emails sent through the email system.

It refers to the use of an email system to send unsolicited emails especially advertising emails to a group of recipients. Unsolicited emails mean the recipient did not grant permission for receiving those emails.

The use of spam emails has been growing in popularity since the last decade and is a problem faced by most email users. Email IDs of users who receive email spam are usually obtained by spambots (automated software that crawls the internet for email addresses).

It is still a problem even today, and spammers still approach it the spam way. Spam accounts for billions of emails sent every day which makes up 98% of all emails. Spam causes businesses billions of dollars every year.

Even though antivirus software has come a long way, infected PCs, trojans and bots are still the major sources of spam. There are billions of public IPs available for use; each one could have thousands of PCs behind it including potentially infected trojans and bots.

With new computers being infected on a regular basis, even some of the best reputation lists such as the SpamRats list with its 70 million listed IPs can only target a small fraction of those billions of addresses.

In the time it takes for spam filters to analyze the content of the email message, find out the source of the email and then submit the IP for blacklisting, you would have already allowed email spam into your system.

It is also termed as junk email, these are suspicious messages sent in bulk through emails. Most of the email spam messages are commercial in nature. They contain links that look genuine and convincingly familiar however the links lead to phishing websites that host malware.

It was first in the early 1990’s the concept of spam emails started. Reports reveal that malware-infected network of computers or the botnets are used to send spam emails. Spambots are used by spammers to obtain email addresses of the target victims and send malicious emails to the obtained email list. Though the spammer sends emails to millions of email addresses, only a small number will respond or communicate with the message.

Types of Email Spam:

Email spam comes in different types. The most common of all is the spam emails that are disguised marketing campaigns for business promotions. It can be the promotion of weight loss programs, job offers and even any clothing brand with unbelievable offers.

Spammers use spam mails to perform email frauds. Fraudulent spams come in the form of phishing emails mostly like a formal communication from banks or any other online payment processors. Phishing emails are crafted to direct victims to a fake organization’s website that is malicious while the user ends up sharing all the personal information like login credentials, financial details to a spammer who is having access to the malicious website.


What Is Email Spam

Preventing Email Spam:

Method 1: Set up a filter in front of your mail server

The most common form of spam protection is set up a filter in front of your mail server. When an email is delivered, it first must pass through the filter before reaching the spam filter. From there (email server), it goes to the client-server. In this stage, the email server knows nothing about the source of the spam and the filter doesn’t know what the client wants to do with the spam. It means that the filter must be one size fits for all.

Method 2: Setting up the filter directly in the mail server

Another common form of spam protection is by setting up the filter directly in the mail server. It requires a much bigger pipeline to the mail server causing more bandwidth, and there are other problems. Spam emails cannot be bounced back in this method.

Using a spam content filter can be very expensive, as the filter must accept the whole message and then apply a certain set of rules to the content that continuously changes. Relying entirely on spam filters is a constant game between the filtering software and the spammer. You set up a rule until a spammer finds a way around it. Before your spam filtering rules can be updated to accommodate the new strategy, you have already allowed lots of email spam onto your server. It’s a constant game, and it requires a better solution.

Method 3: Never respond to spam

If you recognize something as spam before you open it, don’t open it. If you open it and then realize it’s spam, close it. Do not click a link or a button, or download a file, from a message that you even remotely suspect is spam.

If you opened spam because it appeared to be coming from a friend or co-worker, contact them immediately and let them know that their account has been compromised.

Method 4: Hide your email address

The more people who have your email address, the more spam you’re going to get. So keep your address close to your chest.

Don’t publish it on the web unless you absolutely have to. (I have to, and it’s not fun.) And if you have to, use a different address for that purpose. Use disposable email addresses when you’re not comfortable sharing your real one.


I hope you have enjoyed this article.

General Questions And Query by vistiors:


What is SMTP RDP?

SMTP RDP is those RDP with ports enabled for SMTP like port 25, 587 which allow users to use SMTP software commonly known as mass mailing, to send emails in bulk to clients for marketing purposes. You can send up to 100k per day with this software.

How to Fix Wrong Disk Space in Private and Botting Plans

If your disk space is not what mention on the plan then you can manually fix wrong disk space on your own, no need to wait for the support to fix it for you as you are on private RDP plan and you have full root admin access on your server.

Just Follow the Below Steps to Fix Wrong Disk Space:

Step 1. Access the Disk Management window. You can press Win + R to open the Run window and type diskmngt.msc, then Click  Disk Management in the Computer Management window.

After that, you will see Primary Partition space, Just Right Click on that disk

Step 2: Delete the Volume

Last Step: Now we will use this unallocated space to extend our C drive, Right Click On C drive and Click on Extend Volume

The “Extend Volume Wizard” pops up and click the “Next” button here. Click Next, Next Click the Finish button to finish the process. Now the unallocated space is gone and it has been added to adjacent partition.


Fix Wrong Disk Space


Fix Wrong Disk Space

Fixed Enjoy!!