Top 10 Best RDP PROVIDERS 2022

Published July 22, 2022

  What is RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol?

Microsoft created Remote Desktop Protocol, formally known as RDP, to make it easier for you to administer your computer systems from a distance. Using this technology, you may access any Windows computer in the world from the comfort of your own home PC. You can find this option on your computer by typing “remote desktop” in your start menu.

Using RDP, or remote desktop protocol, allows users to connect to other devices over the internet. Run the RDP client software to connect to the remote client machine that is also operating on an RDP server before you can initiate a Remote Desktop connection.

Top 10 Best RDP PROVIDER 2022

1. 99RDP

99 RDP provider can be absolutely a terrific alternative for your business because it does not need an admin or a professional to operate with and gives a high-performance solution with many features. 99rdp can easily cover your remote desktop needs.

For the lowest possible price, they are offering  a Private RDP and Dedicated Server  that has a 100 percent clean IP address and full root admin access with unlimited amount of bandwidth. Users can pay with a variety of methods such as PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Payoneer, Paytm, and CryptoCurrency.

99rdp Advantages:-

  • Highly Affordable plans
  • Support 15+ high-demand locations
  • Offers excellent 24/7 support system
  • Include 24/hr money-back guarantee
  • Offers big savings for greater plans


99rdp Features:-

  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee is provided via 10 Gigabit fiber uplinks.
  • Control Panel with Lots of Features
  • There aren’t any overburdened servers here.


2. AmazingRDP   

 Amazingrdp was born out of a desire to provide the best possible services to its customers. As a service-oriented company, They don’t care about money. So their greatest joy comes from providing you with superior service. They have the best RDP servers in the world at our disposal to better serve you. In terms of price, we’re the best in the business. The reason their customers adore us is due to this very fact.


 – AmazingRdp Advantages:-

  • High-performance hardware setup with complete root administrator access.
  • Offer bespoke OS like Windows Server 2022 and Windows 10 on dedicated RDP.
  • Depending on the function of the RDP server, they’ve configured it in a way that’s tailored to your needs at an affordable price.


 – AmazingRdp Features:-

  • Dedicated RDP,  Residential VPS, and Bluestack Android RDP are just a few of the services that AmazingRDP offers at a low price.
  • Dedicated Servers in the United States start at only $129. In addition, you can get a 10 GBPS RDP for a low price.
  • With Full Root Admin Access, Take Advantage of Our Platform’s Convenience and Power.


3. Homerdp

With HomeRdp VPS Solutions powered by KVM allow us to construct flawless websites, game-changing online apps, and profitable trading bots. The remarkable raw computational capacity, full root access, and fully dedicated server resources of HomeRdp VPS hosting enable developers, designers, and system administrators to build without restrictions. Take control of your server with a variety of custom options. Their free operating systems and top-tier control panels let you to run and customize your own VPS for absurdly low pricing..

Preinstalled IDM and SSD Storage, Usage Control, and Data Backup are all included in this low-cost RDP solution.


 – HomeRdp Advantages:-

  • HomeRDP delivers round-the-clock help and tailored support in order to provide the best customer service possible.
  • Their highly skilled Support Engineers provide 24/7 proactive, real-time professional services to help you improve your stability, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Providing  24/7 live chat or email support if you have any issues or are dissatisfied with their service in the first 24 hours. A refund will be issued to you as soon as possible using your original mode of payment.
  • HomeRDP offers a risk-free service with a money-back guarantee.


 – HomeRdp Features:

  • Highly affordable packages
  • Botting RDP is operational 24/7. They assist clients in saving time.
  • Integration of devices is simple.
  • Always up-to date
  • Easy installation of applications
  • The usage of a well-known UI(User Interface)



GPURDP VPS is a new type of VPS that makes use of graphics processing units. When dealing with massive amounts of data, this sort of server is becoming increasingly common. Additionally, GPU VPS are more cheap than standard VPS, making them a good choice for smaller enterprises without a high demand for the additional functionality provided by traditional VPS.

GPU-accelerated virtual private servers (VPS) use the processing power of modern graphics processing units to deliver a faster and more responsive website.

When it comes to performance, they are far superior to traditional servers. GPUs are more powerful than CPU when it comes to tasks like rendering visuals or calculating numbers.

They are more flexible and secure than regular servers. Multiple virtual machines can be set up to run different apps at the same time, allowing you to work faster. Providing  excellent deal because they are often less expensive than regular server solutions.

 – GPURdp Advantages:-

  • Money-back guarantee,
  • Dedicated live support,
  • Pure SSD disc space,
  • 99% uptime guarantee for graphics cards,
  • Dedicated phone support.


 – GPURdp Features:-

  • There are free SSL certificates.
  • DDoS protection, as well as anti-hack and anti-malware included into each package.
  • For some plans, automatic daily backups are also offered.



 Extreme performance, powerful servers, and high-end resources are ensured with PCRDP. Their RDP services include encoding, 10Gbps RDP, private RDP, and economical RDP, among others. High-Speed Internet Ports on Extremely Fast Servers As such, if you’re looking for a fast and stable internet connection, don’t hesitate to get any of our plans and have it in the quickest time possible from us.

 – PCRDP Advantages:-

  • Free 24/7 Technical Support
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24-Hour Money Back Guarantee

 – PCRDP Features:-

  • Optimized Servers
  • includes SSD drivers and a fully dedicated private IP address all at a low price
  • DDoS protection, as well as anti-hack and anti-malware included into each package.



EURDP is widely acknowledged as the industry leader in providing hosting for virtual dedicated servers. They are experts in delivering a high-quality hosting service on either virtual dedicated servers (VDS) or virtual private servers (VPS) at an affordable cost. Because they are offering their services on the basis of virtual servers, they focus as is humanly feasible on the quality of the hosting  for virtual environments.

They had a specific goal in mind: to accomplish just one thing, but to do it really well. However, they just offer VDS/VPS hosting, but do it to an exceedingly high standards..


 – EURdp Features:-

  • The network can withstand any load
  • Server is 24% quicker.
  • All VDS and VPS Servers Included Free Of Charge
  • Wide Range of SSD & HDD Plans
  • DDoS protection, as well as anti-hack and anti-malware included into each package.


7. Cloudzy

Cloudzy providing their  Premium VPS Hosting Since 2008 . Their System having 15 locations across the world offer high-performance SSD VPS servers. As low as $7.95 a month, you can get yours. Become one of the 12000+ satisfied VPS-owners!

They allowing you to select the site that Is most appropriate for your company by reducing latency by moving your VPS Closer to your users.

Using their KVM-powered VPS Solutions, you can effortlessly build faultless websites, game-changing online apps, and profitable trading bots. Take control of your server with a wide range of custom options. Their free operating systems and top-notch control panels let you to run and customize your ideal VPS for absurdly low pricing.

Cloudzy Features:-

  • Hypersonic VPS hosting is designed specifically for automated Forex trading.
  • Forex VPS Services That Are Lightning-Fast and Low-Latency
  • Full root access to RDP servers that are reliable, secure, and simple to use.
  • With Cloudzy’s Windows VPS services, you may pick between Windows Server 2019 or even Windows 10.



VPSMART are capable of delivering good quality  Since 2005, They have been providing web hosting services. This understanding helps them to construct a cost-effective, high-quality network, hardware, and software infrastructure.

Graphics processing unit (GPU)-powered virtual private server (VPS). It is possible for users to own the entire hardware resources and exclusive GPU cards with DBM’s managed GPU dedicated servers, resulting in maximum performance and security for your projects.

Our virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers (DS) can run games. However, the servers do not contain a graphics processing unit (GPU). If you’re using one of our VPS or dedicated servers, please make sure that your game is compatible.

VPSMART Features:-

  • You can select a Linux or Windows VPS hosting plan. In a flash, They’ll have your virtual private server running in their data centre!.
  • The Reliability of VPS Hosting Is Enhanced by Excellent Managed Services
  • GPU-powered VPS (VPS), DBM’s managed GPU dedicated servers let users own all hardware resources including GPU cards, boosting project performance and security.
  • Multiple data centers ensure maximum speed.
  • Their VPS is a strong, economical choice for hosting websites, apps, etc.


9. QuickRDP

They have been a top provider of RDP, Private RDP, VPS, and Dedicated Server hosting for more than six years now. Here are some eye-opening numbers that show how committed we’ve been to providing web hosting services over the years. Our team consists of experts who have worked in the hosting sector for more than six years. Your privacy is their number one priority, and they take that responsibility very seriously. Access is strictly controlled, regardless of how important the information is.

QuickRdp Features:-

  • Powerful servers with top-of-the-line resources are available for as little as €20 per month, ensuring maximum performance.
  • Unrestricted Bandwidth and 24/7/365 Support are included in all plans.
  • Installed applications
  • Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

10. Contabo

Contabo DevOps Features allow us to control cloud infrastructure directly from code, integrate deployment pipelines as well as many more features. The Contabo API gives us a full control over our cloud resources. Use your own scripts and DevOps tools to make your workflows more efficient and seamless.They examine each hardware component’s energy efficiency (CPU Performance per Watt) and longevity in addition to the price-performance relationship (CPU Performance per EUR).

Using this method, They are able to provide their customers with consistent performance at an affordable price. Fast NVMe storage, sophisticated architecture, and more traffic than you’ll ever need are just some of the advantages of using virtual private servers.

Contabo Features:-

    • Powerful Hardware at Your Fingertips Get a single tenant Bare Metal server with outstanding performance
    • The data centers of Contabo are located in the most important regions of the world.
    • Install a wide range of OSs, CPUs, and applications automatically.
    • Storage options include HDD, SSD, and NVMe SSD. Hardware RAID 1, 5, and 10 are available.


It can get quite stressful when it comes to comparing RDP providers and choosing the right RDP plan for your business. I hope you have found the necessary information comparison. At AmazingRDP, we’re always trying our hardest to bring you an RDP server that meets all your requirements. We provide the affordable RDP and Dedicated Server options with Free Windows O/S. For any Query Feel Free to Connect With Our Support team at 10+ social media platform.

FAQ about AmazingRDP Provider ?


Does RDP can be use in smartphone?

Yes, you can use RDP with your smartphone just install microsoft remote desktop application and enter the rdp details which you received from us.


Is RDP different from VPS?

They’re almost the same as long as RDP is a feature of a Windows VPS. The only difference is that RDP shares data with many clients, and VPS comes with full root admin control, We also offer full admin Private RDP for full root access.


Is VPN supported in your RDP?

Yes, our dedicated server support 3rd party VPN and compatiable with our windows dedicated server. You can use SurfShark and NordVPN which our clients mostly used.


What is the best RDP in the Egypt?

By the rank 99rdp and amazingrdp are top ranked website in Egypt as both website offer the variety of services which usually love to use.


What is the best RDP in India?

It is a little bit challenging to declare which is the best RDP in India.  But the best RDP provider delivers All remote access solutions and offers a support Tool for supporting remote endpoints. By Far all mentioned websites offer the best in there area rest it depends on customer experience.