How to record an application in windows 10 for free

Published July 20, 2022

record an application

There is So many Application you can use it for record an application in your windows. You need to

be paid most of them to open the advance option. I will suggest you best free recording application.

you can also use the Windows inbuilt recording option that comes up with a newer version. but it’s

not available on the server for now. Today I will show the advanced method with FFmpeg.


Installation Process

    • ⚡First Download The FFmpeg
    • ⚡Extract the FFmpeg folder.
    • ⚡Rename the extracted folder. In the new window that appears you will see a folder named “ffmpeg-20180424-d9706f7-win64-static”. You have to rename this folder to “FFmpeg”. 
    • ⚡Copy the “FFmpeg” folder. Mark it for this and press Ctrl+C to copy.
    • ⚡Paste it to “C” drive
    • ⚡Now Go to Advanced system settings
    • ⚡Click below the window, click the button Environment Variables.
    • ⚡Double-click the Path value. 
    • ⚡Click in the window when new. This creates a new text field in the window.
    • ⚡Enter the path to the “FFmpeg” folder. Type C:\FFmpeg\binin the text field and click OK.
    • ⚡Open Cmd As Administrator.
    • ⚡Check your FFmpeg version. Type in ffmpeg -versionand press ↵ Enter. This should open
    • a list of information about FFmpeg.
    • If instead, you see a notice that FFmpeg is not known as an internal or external command, executable, or batch file, you may not have spelled the path correctly.
    • ⚡ Now you can Record Your Desired Application without any Software.

Steps to Record An Application

    • ⚡First Open Your Application That You want to Record.
    • ⚡Now Open Powershell In Your Desktop.
    • ⚡Now Run This Command – ffmpeg -f gdigrab -framerate 30 -i title=Calculator output.mkv.
    • ⚡Replace the Calculator with your application Name.
    • ⚡You can Replace also the Output with your Desired Output Name.
    • ⚡Press q to stop your Recording.

Here is Tutorial Video Link