How To Fix Copy And Paste Problems In RDP

Published July 20, 2022

Read this article to know ‘how to fix copy and paste problems in RDP’. When you are working on an RDP-enabled computer for connecting to workstations, remote desktop services, or windows servers, then your clipboard is disabled.

It’s impossible to copy and paste a file or text from a remote device to your machine when this issue arises. The paste function on a Remote Desktop machine is usually greyed out in these situations.

Nevertheless, the problem affects both Windows Server and desktop editions of Windows.

How To Fix Copy And Paste Problems In RDP

Attempting to copy and paste information from a remote computer, and discovering that it does not operate is the most aggravating part.

You need not be concerned, though, because we will inform you about the process in the sections that follow. So, let’s get started on the remedy that we will discuss as follows:

  1. To begin, choose Task Manager from the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click the Start button.

2. Then, click on the ‘processes’ tab.
3. The “RDP clipboard monitor” must then be selected.
4. After that, you must click “End task” to complete the process.
5. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to close and restart the Remote Desktop Protocol.
6. It’s now necessary to enter “remote desktop” into the Windows search box.

Next, from the search outcomes, you should click on the Remote Desktop Connection app.

Then, you have to select the Show Options.

After that, you can choose the Local Resources tab.

After that, you’ll want to look into the Clipboard menu item.
Now, it is finished.

To make it possible to copy and paste files into your Remote Desktop connection, simply follow these simple instructions.


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