!! Go Green!! Plant Trees !! Save Earth !! Live More !!

Published July 20, 2022

How are you all, We have some important update to share. First of all, Thank you for our esteemed customer to trust our service and make us number one in the market, and we assure we will keep serving you with our different services.

While having some discussion last time with my team we found we are perfectly serving our friends/clients from all over the world. We are using high-end technologies which consume a high amount of natural resources in the form of electricity etc but did you ever thought we are continuously harvesting the resources from our mother Earth And what we are giving the mother earth in return, did you ever thought?

Our oceans are getting poisonous, we are cutting trees to set up new offices/houses/ etc. We keep working in A/C in our Office in our homes, and we are unaware that what is happening with our environment. How it is getting worst day by days, we are improving in the field of Information technology but we are missing the main components which are required for living. We are just talking and talking, and doing anything. And after some discussion, we came up with an idea of planting trees. Yes, we should plant a tree, but after some time we thought that this should be done in mass numbers, we should do something.

So we come with a plan, ” ORDER ONE. PLANT ONE ” Are you guys excited ?? Hope you now got some idea, what we are planning. Alright, let me reveal it. So we had decided that from today, whenever we will accept your order, we will plant a tree/flower on behalf of you 😀

We at “Amazeinternet” initiated ” Go Green” Campaign. We work with “AmazingRDP” And “99RDP” our sister company around the world that need your support to help get trees in the ground. We believe that big changes are starting with small steps. We make it simple for you to plant trees around the world. Order one from us and we will plant one tree for you. We want to actively take part in the reforestation. We are inviting our customers to take part in our sales promotions with the name “Order One. Plant One and get a discount, use Promo Code- PLANTTREE“.

amazingrdp buy a server and we will plant a tree for free

The discounts for each product/services sold goes into the “Go Green initiative“. Furthermore, we will invite our customers to plant the trees themselves or to have a look at the trees planted in on their own. This way they will further understand the meaning and objectives of the reforestation program and become an active part of it. And you know what Planting TREE WILL BE FREE @ No Cost, and it will be nurtured by our Our Trained Gardeners so it would last longer and keeping us reminding about you.

So Basically, Whenever you will order from us, we will Plant a tree/flower on behalf of you. Now you Guyz would be thinking why I’m saying all this to you, because you will the people who will spread the awareness about the environment, and we really don’t care whether the order amount is 0.99 cent or 99 USD,

We will Plant One Tree For You 🙂 You can Follow our Social Media Handles to Check the updates about your trees/flower, how are they and how they are doing? You can Help us by sharing the photos with your friends and also encourage them to plant tree 🙂

!! Go Green !! !! Plant Trees !! Save Earth !! Live More !!